About iBi Art

We offer an unusual mix of services at iBi Art, mainly because of the passion we’ve always held for art and artmaking. iBi plays a dual role for the public in that we run the multidisciplinary Art School as well as on-location training seminars for amateurs, hobbyists, and companies/corporates. We also fill the role of exhibition organisers and representatives for professional artists.

So, what you’ll find on our online galleries is a mix of amateur and professional work, but at the end of the day it’s all about art!

Recent Events

iBi Art offers a platform for emerging artists to exhibit their art works. Over the years, iBi has come into contact with local and foreign talent from a variety of art disciplines, ranging from painting to sculpture and product design.


Severa Rech Casserino

Shui-Lyn White

Art Classes

iBi Art offers a private art school to teach, nourish talent, and promote artists’ work as a feeder to the pop-up events and exhibitions held for emerging artists.

Our art classes begin with introductory courses in drawing and painting in both acrylic and oil, mixed medium, ceramics, and teaching based on signs, colours and symbols to create meaning.

IBI Educational Workshops

IBi Art works in the NGO and Social responsibility realm using teaching to communicate, teach and heal through various art processes

iBi Art Collaborations

iBi Art works hand in hand with corporate to match artists to the correct teams for corporate collaborations using art to communicate and express in the corporate arena. 

iBi Art uses art to teach 

In schools, for rehabilitation for attitude change, to assist in relationship building – family/personal/business, team Building and personal Expression and pleasure

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso